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Information about SPLASH Class photo

Information about SPLASH Class

Hello, for those you who don’t know me yet, my name is Vicky Iglesias, and I am one of the SPLASH teachers at Unionville Elementary. We have a team of four teachers this year: the veterans (Miss Rodriguez and I) and the new acquisitions (Miss Estrada and Miss Chan).
We work with kindergarten and first grade children, but we are not regular teachers. Our students are not regular students either. From the very first moment they enter our classes, they not only need to learn everything that is expected from a kindergartener or first grader, but they have to learn it and master it in Spanish. Yes! You read that right! They have to do everything in Spanish!
I am currently teaching first grade. I decided to write to all of you because almost every day a parent, colleague, or friend (including my own mother) asks me one of the following questions: “Are the children speaking Spanish yet?”, “Should I put my child in the SPLASH program?”, “Do they do the same things that the other classes do?”, “Will they be able to read in English?” The questions go on and on.

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Bilingual students make a SPLASH at B.O.E. meeting photo

Bilingual students make a SPLASH at B.O.E. meeting

This month’s Board of Education Meeting was briefly interrupted by 20 bilingual students from Unionville Elementary School. Vicky Iglesias’ first-grade class lined up to show the Board and their parents what they have been learning in SPLASH, the Spanish language immersion program at Unionville. As the students shuffled into position, Iglesias thanked the parents and the Board for the opportunity to teach their children. 

The class recited a poem about their school and then sang a traditional song in Spanish. The poem was written by the students in class. Proud parents lined the walls of the library where the meeting was held. Unionville Principal Sharyn Voncannnon made the decision to have the class perform at the Board Meeting.

The SPLASH program came to Unionville two years ago. Voncannon became interested in dual language education after meeting bilingual students on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic in 2011. The next year she helped to bring SPLASH to Unionville Elementary.

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