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Heroes in Our Midst photo

Heroes in Our Midst

In the course of a school day, hundreds of events occur that we are trained for and expect in education. In the blink of an eye, the unthinkable occurs and we are forced to make split second decisions that can literally save a life. Briefly after the dismissal bell rang on Friday February 27, I heard the call over the radio to call 911. As I bolted in the door from the bus lot I discovered a staff member lying on the floor face down. Within a matter of seconds, a code blue was called and the on -site medical response team was in full action. After being unsuccessful in finding a heartbeat or pulse, Jill Fagala, school nurse instructed the team. Karen Baucom, teacher assistant began CPR. Mrs. Fagala quickly unpacked the AED machine and within seconds had the machine hooked to the patient. When the words “SHOCK ADVISED” appeared on the screen, she knew this was a matter of life or death.

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Mrs. Black teaches first graders about Malawi photo

Mrs. Black teaches first graders about Malawi

Unionville first graders welcomed Cathy Black as she spoke to students about her many trips to Malawi. Students loved as Mrs. Black regaled them with personal stories and mishaps about her adventures such as a run in with a local hippo and being sung to by a first grade class. While students were saddened by the amount of poverty in Malawi, they were also inspired by the determination of the people. Mrs. Black was joined by her grandchildren, Carson and Emilee Black, who are students at Unionville. They helped her model the clothing and demonstrate some of the instruments from Malawi. Mrs. Black left the culture kit she has created so students will have the opportunity to explore the artifacts further in their classrooms. Mrs. Black’s presentation was the kickoff for the first graders’ annual Heifer International Project.

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